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Today's Google Guitar Player

ezineTry this. Google "God". Just for laughs, go to Google and type in G-O-D. Now, pay attention to the drop down menu below. This is where Google's intuitive machine suggests the most popular sites that are most likely to match the search term you have entered.

When you enter a search for God, what is the number one recommended match for your search?....GoDaddy!

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of GoDaddy, and a customer as well - but if I'm looking for God, I don't expect to find him at GoDaddy.

And, yes, I know what the first three letters in GoDaddy are, but doesn't it strike you odd that this site comes up in the number one slot before any God related sites?

This is a telling commentary on life in today's ultra technical age. If a search for God can lead us directly to a domain registration site, how can we be sure that any information we are searching for will lead us to the "right" information.

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