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Fast Guitar String Changes With "Locking" Tuners

ezineHow often do you change your guitar strings? Once a week? Once a month? Once a year?

Back in my touring days, playing guitar six or seven nights a week, I changed strings daily. It was a pain, but there's nothing like a fresh, crisp sounding set of strings when getting on stage.

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How to Tune a 12-String Guitar

ezineThe vast majority of guitarists play a six string guitar in standard E tuning. It's a fairly basic, straight forward affair that most master quickly.

But a number of brave souls venture into the realm of the 12-string guitar, which opens up a whole new can of worms.

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Acoustic Guitar Pickup Options

ezineThe great thing about an acoustic guitar is its versatility. They are suitable to many musical styles and genres, are easy to care for, and easy to transport. The down side is when the guitar needs to be heard by more than a few people gathered in a small room. As a result, acoustic guitar pickups were developed that allow the guitar to be plugged into some sort of amplification.

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Acoustic Guitars and the "Goose" Effect

ezineYou get on stage, plug in your acoustic guitar, tweak the sound and start playing. Things are rolling along fine, and then, suddenly, in the middle of the song, an obnoxious "honk" slaps you (and the audience) in the face!

You turn a few degrees to the right and the honking stops. Then back to the left and the howling returns. A few degrees further to the left and it stops. Then you move slightly again and it roars back with a vengeance.

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How to Find Song Ideas by "Listening"

ezineEarlier we talked about how many more ideas for songs will come our way by "turning on the radar" and adjusting our subconscious mind to be more "in tune" to the world around us.

One of the ways we can do that is to work on developing the art of "listening".

How often, throughout the course of the day, do you have a conversation with someone, then, later on, have a hard time recalling what you actually talked about.

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