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  Are you a "boomer"? Discover how to easily overcome the challenges of learning how to play guitar "Later in Life"...

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Why Adult Guitar Lessons?

Fast and easy video lessons

Start from scratch

Over 100 lessons from beginner to intermediate

Unlimited one-on-one Email coaching

Learn to play songs from "our generation"

Guaranteed results, even if you're a complete beginner!

...Like a refreshing breath of air...

I would say your course is the best on the internet and your communication is unbelievable! Your simplified diagrams and patient video demonstrations are like a refreshing breath of cool air. If I can help convince any fence sitters don't hesitate to refer them to me.

Joe G. -  Auburn, New York


From: Keith Dean

Pro Guitar Instructor



Dear Fellow Guitar Player,

Have you always wanted to play guitar but could never find the time? Like the rest of us, you're probably busy raising a family, working a job, finishing school or chasing a career. You might even think you're too old, or unable to learn how to play.

You may have already tried to learn guitar only to become frustrated and disappointed. Have you had problems with fingers that don't want to co-operate, or difficulty pressing down the strings to make chords sound "clear", or challenges with strumming and getting the right "timing"? Do you feel like your hands are just too small, or you'll never be able to stretch your fingers enough to play guitar? Have you tried guitar lessons designed for a "younger crowd", that seemed geared toward kids - and taught by kids?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, take heart, you're in the right place! Read on...



Finally...An Easy Guitar Method Specifically For Active Adults


Adult Guitar Lessons is available online only - no need to wait for shipping...Start your guitar lessons today!


My career as a professional guitarist has spanned more than 30 years. In that time, I have had the honor of sharing stages with many top name artists (Little Big Town, Wild Rose, Winger, Confederate RailroadJason Aldean and more), and spent many of those years touring the U.S. and Europe. In addition, I have owned a successful music store, been a published songwriter, and taught countless students how to play guitar.

Now, the reason I'm telling you this is NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you, that anyone, and I mean anyone, can learn how to play guitar.

How Can I Make This Claim?

One thing you should know is that I did not spend years studying music theory. I don't have a degree in music or any formal training, and I certainly wasn't blessed with tons of natural talent.

I learned to play guitar the hard way, learning songs off of vinyl records, stealing licks from other guitar players, and learning to play guitar by "ear" and by "feel" and by "pattern". 

And you know the funny thing? I worked my butt off to teach myself the guitar without a "proper education", but was still able to become an in-demand guitar player. 

And the fact is, if I can do it, so can you!



...Soooo Easy!...

Not only have your classes been full of fun, but they are sooooo easy to follow that anyone can learn from you.  You make the guitar fun, and the songs easy to learn.  I have not been able to put my guitar down, and the only draw back I have is there aren't enough hours in the day for practice.  Keith, you are a testament to easy learning.  Oh yeah, and the most important thing of all, is you give personal feedback which to me, is the best part of all.  I actually get to talk with you as if you were teaching me personally.  Thank you for the opportunity to really learn this instrument at my own pace.

Barb D. - Los Angeles, CA 


...In 4 days with you I'm now playing parts to three songs and one riff...

I picked up a guitar five months ago and have been able to form chords but was not able to play any songs. In four days with you I'm now playing parts to three songs and one riff. I'm thrilled with my progress and thank you dearly for your invaluable assistance. You have renewed my dream of playing the guitar. Thank you.

Derrick G. - Toronto, Canada 



Busting Common Guitar Myths!


What's the hardest thing about getting started on guitar? Sometimes it's just a matter of breaking down and dispelling some common myths and misconceptions. See if any of these sound familiar.

Myth - You have to study music theory to get good on the guitar.

Fact - Some of the greatest guitar players of our generation never studied music theory or cracked open a music book. In fact, many never even took guitar lessons! Think... Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Clapton and more.

Myth - You have to practice scales over and over to be able to play lead guitar.

Fact - While a certain knowledge of scale "patterns" is important, learning how to mindlessly play scale notes up and down the neck has little to do with truly making music with your solos.

MythYou have to spend hours on repetitive guitar drills and exercises to teach your fingers how to play.

Fact -  Any dog can be taught new tricks through repetition. Mundane drills and exercises will make you a good robot, but will not necessarily turn you into a good guitar player.  

MythYou have to play really fast, to be really good.

Fact - There is a fixation with today's generation on playing guitar really fast. It may be impressive from a mechanical point of view, but speed licks do not really "say" anything musically. Think...B.B King.

Myth You have to be in your teens or twenties to really learn how to play guitar.

Fact - Younger guitar students are often unencumbered with raising families and working, and as a result, have more time to practice and make progress. Adult students, however, typically have more patience and are able to focus more closely on their studies. Progress may be slower, but the "quality" of the progress is heightened. 

MythYou have to take the latest "flashy" guitar lessons program designed for (and taught by) kids, to learn how to play guitar.

Fact - A recent Gallup Survey showed that 59% of music makers are under 35 years old. As a result, most lesson programs target this age group. Luckily, today you've discovered a guitar lessons program developed specifically for "our" age group, without the flash!



7 Steps to Success on the Guitar


Grab your free copy of "7 Steps to Success on the Guitar" today! A full 21 pages packed with useful information and advice to get your guitar playing started off on the right foot - and it's all free! (For a limited time)

You'll learn these strategies and tips:

check small 20 21 How to make the one key decision that can make or break your success

check small 20 21 8 basic things you need to know about your guitar

check small 20 21Which specific chords you must learn first...and why

check small 20 21 An approach to strumming that will make this crucial skill much easier

check small 20 21 How learning shapes and patterns will speed your learning

check small 20 21A common mistake to avoid like the plague, and the one approach that's proven to work

check small 20 21 4 practical tips to get more fun and enjoyment from your playing

check small 20 21Plus - You'll receive an exclusive subscription to our guitar players newsletter which includes

Getting started tutorials - Free video lessons - Guitar tips, tricks & shortcuts - Video lead guitar "Cool Licks" - Videos on how to play songs, intros, and riffs - and much more!

Just fill in the form to the right and claim your copy today!

Read On........

7 Steps to


on the Guitar

(Free Instant Download)

21 page e-book


Are You a "Google" Guitar Player?


Let's face it, there's a ton of information out there on the web.  Free lessons, YouTube videos, blogs and advice. Some of it good, some not so good.

The problem is, bouncing back and forth from site to site, grabbing little bits of "this and that" along the way, is not going to take you very far on the guitar. In fact, it can easily lead to "information overload" resulting in anxiety and frustration.  

When many of my new guitar students started with Adult Guitar Lessons, they were self professed "Google Guitarists", that could play little snippets, riffs and licks on guitar, but had no real firm grasp on guitar concepts, and were hard pressed to play a complete song from beginning to end!

Most of them had the desire to learn how to play guitar, they simply lacked "focus".



...Finally Rockin'...at 59!...

When I was about 12 I had visions of being a rock star like so many during the time of the British invasion. As I got older, life got in the way, and even though I thought of being that rock star I never was able to pursue my dreams. My wife knew of my younger dreams and encouraged me to start playing again which I did a little but I wanted to play the guitar the right way, not struggle with trying to read music, learn the chords, make the progressions from chord to chord without the frustration. I started looking online for guitar lesson information and found alot of sites,but none seemed to be in the business of teaching - only selling - except one, Adult Guitar Lessons. I was a bit apprehensive at first but I joined after being impressed with what the site contained. It was so loaded with information and sharing, genuine in a way that only a person that loves what he does is willing to give to others that have the desire as well.

I want to tell you I have enjoyed every minute of my lessons and practice. I can't wait to take another lesson or practice every chance I get. I have slowed my lessons a bit simply because I want to be good at playing guitar and want every note to be as clear and beautiful sounding as it can be and the progressions to be smooth. Who knows maybe now at 59 I am on my way to being that rock star I only have been able to dream about.

Since becoming a member of Adult Guitar Lessons, I have talked to many people interested in learning to play with the same story as mine, being told to me, and trust me when I say I have recommended everyone of them to you.

Fred W. - Florida



What If You Could Get 30 Years Worth Of Hard Won Guitar Playing Techniques, Shortcuts, Tips And Tricks, All In One Easy To Follow, Step-By-Step Course?


Can you imagine how quickly you'll be playing guitar by having someone who's "been there", literally reach out, take you by the hand and show you exactly what to do, and how to do it?

I would've given anything to have had a course like this back in the beginning. There's no telling how much faster my career would have taken off.

The great thing is, you don't have to wait. You don't have to beat your brains out struggling to learn every note, lick, riff, chord and concept. I'm going to show you everything!


What's more, I'm going to show you how easy and fun it can be to learn guitar...and how fast you can be playing. I'll quickly teach you things on the guitar that literally took me years of hard work to figure out! Things like...

How to learn to play guitar by "ear" and by "feel"... the natural way

The few most important scale "patterns" that will unlock the mysteries to playing solos

How to learn songs from just listening to the recording

Shortcuts to identifying, and playing, any chord progression

Secrets to easily form chords anywhere on the guitar

...And you won't have to devote hours upon hours to practice. With only 10 minutes or so a day you'll be playing songs on the guitar by your favorite artists - in no time at all!



You'll Get Everything You Need To Become The Guitar Player You've Always Dreamed Of...


Are you a Beatles fan? How about Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joe Cocker, Paul Simon, The Blues Brothers, Chuck Berry, The Animals, BTO, The Kinks, Dwight Yoakam, or Marshall Tucker?

Did you ever believe you'd be able to play songs on the guitar by all these (and more) top artists of our generation? 

...You will!...And Faster Than You Think!

Imagine the look on the faces of your friends and family as you're jamming away on songs by many of these artists within your first 30 days on the guitar!



Ready To Overcome Common Stumbling Blocks on the Guitar?


Many new guitar students encounter some challenges early in the game. Some even give up the guitar altogether in frustration, but that won't be you. With this course you will learn how to overcome, with ease, some of the most common obstacles that face guitarists in the beginning.

Never again struggle to form chords and make them sound clear

Teach your fingers how to play notes with no string muting or fret buzz

Learn strumming techniques that will have you sounding like a pro

Improve your timing and master complex rhythms

Change chords smoothly and seamlessly

Learn the #1 secret to better barre chords

Build hand and finger strength, and reduce forearm fatigue


What Our Members Say...


...It Makes All The Difference!...

I searched the net and after searching, found this site which for me was easy to follow. I have all the lessons at my disposal, I can go as fast as I want, even go back if I wish. Plus there are the individual emails and videos. And because I have it installed on my net book, I take my guitar and tutor with me wherever and whenever I wish.  Plenty of encouragement from Keith when its needed, more like an old buddy than a tutor, it makes all the difference.

Davey M. - Doncaster, England



Easier Every Time I Pick Up The Guitar...

Hi Keith

I just want to let you know that I am enjoying the Adult Guitar lessons and I am finding it easier every time I pick up the guitar. What I enjoy the most is I have the help I need just by logging into your site and it is there when I need it.
Also the quick response to my questions from you.

Thanks again.

Dan A.


...Professional Help...

Hi Keith,
I'm sending this to thank you for all of your professional help. When I started with the guitar I didn't think it was my thing to do. I went on-line to find some help and I ran across your web-site for Adult Guitar Lessons. It was not easy to get the chords to sound clear, but with you available through email conversations I can now do the C-A-G-E-D chords with no problem. Thank you so much for the encouragement.

Take Care and GOD Bless,

Brother L.



Precise, Direct Instruction...


Your course was just  what i was looking for. Precise, direct instruction with excellent tab graphics, and a vibe from you that comes through that you are caring and sincere and excited about teaching  us guitar. Thanx.

Ed B., Illinois


62 Year Old Blues Fan...
Hiya Keith,
I would just like to thank you and your team for giving me the enthusiasm to try once more with the guitar. I am a 62 yr old blues fan and have "messed about" with guitars for years without much success, with your course I find it very user friendly and in just a few short weeks am able to play some things that people actually recognize!
I find the video clips helpful and fun and I really like the fact that I can revisit any part of the course when it suits me.
You keep up the good work and I will keep practicing.
Cheers,  John S., Gt Manchester, England.



You Will Discover Insider Secrets On The Guitar Like...


The one thing you must learn to play any chord, anywhere on the guitar

How to train your ear to hear any chord progression

How to use a simple 8 note pattern to figure out any chord progression, for any song

Learn to play a 12 bar blues progression in any key

The secret trick to playing a I, IV, V chord progression anywhere on the fret board

The hardest thing to overcome when learning guitar, and how to beat it

Uncover the mystery behind "Three Chords and the Truth"

How to "punch up the Dixie" in your Southern Rock songs

Discover the one absolute most important rhythm riff you will ever need to know on the guitar

...and Much More!




What Are Your Goals On The Guitar?


Is playing the guitar something you have always wanted to do but never found the time to learn? Have you reached a point in your life where you've finally decided to do something about it? Maybe you want to learn how to play guitar so you can...

Join a band and play on stage

Become a songwriter and record your own music

Play gigs as a solo performer

Play with your church group or praise team

Jam with friends in the garage

Play songs for family and friends

Play guitar for personal enjoyment, for therapy and stress relief

Whatever direction you want to go in, this course will give you all the guitar skills and resources you need to accomplish all of your goals and rise to any level you desire on the guitar! This is, quite simply...


The Easiest and Fastest Way Available To Learn How To Play Guitar!


In addition...Did you know that....


Playing Guitar "Later In Life" Can Be Good For Your Health?


It has been known for a long time that listening to music can result in positive health benefits by reducing blood pressure, stress and feelings of pain.

But did you know that recent studies show that playing music has positive and lasting health benefits in older adults?

Learning to play guitar can help with improved brain functions as shown by a Pennsylvania State University study. When the brain is engaged in 60 to 75 minute sessions of "exercise", the results are improvement in mental processing and reasoning skills, which can increase cognitive skills as much as 5 years later in older adults.

In another study (Music Making and Wellness Project), it was shown that a group of retirees that took music lessons experienced:

Increasing levels of human growth hormone (hGH)

Decreases in Anxiety

Reductions in Depression

Reduction in Feelings of Loneliness

We all know that playing guitar is fun, and is good for the "soul". But now we know it's good for your health as well!

7 Steps to


on the Guitar

(Free Instant Download)

21 page e-book


Making My Dream Come True (at 58 years young!)...

Hi Keith, First off I'd like to thank you so very much for making my dream come true. I always wanted to play guitar and try an be a good player like all my friends. Well I think the way I'm going now I will get pretty good as I can already play a number of country songs...To all you people who want to learn guitar at home and with all the help you need by just sending keith a note, he will be right there to help you at all times. Trust me , this is a great site if you really want to learn guitar. Good luck to all. 

Paul, Ontario, Canada.

P.S.- By the way I am 58 years young, I took Guitar lessons from two different teachers around 25 years ago at different intervals but have learnt a great deal more from Keith in this past month . Its because he takes his time and takes you step by step through everything, he explains it all right to a tee. (way to go Keith)


...Making Learning Guitar Fun...

Thanks for making learning guitar fun, I like the way you cut to the chase and get alot going so it does not become boring.  I am 65 years young and enjoy spending time playing.   Great lesson plan and you put alot on the plate, that way you can pick what you want to learn and have funtime at it. I recommend this lesson plan to anyone with interest to getting up and running fast, thanks again.

Bob,  Stuart Fl.


 ...Personalized Touch...

 My opinion, I don't think you could offer any better services than what you already provide.  Your personalized touch and attention to specific question and concerns is outstanding.  If I had a lot of money I would certainly recruit you for your dedication and passion to run a company.

Renea, Madison, Wisconsin



Full Access Premier Membership Benefits


Adult Guitar Lessons is offered in an online, multi-media format including over 100 video lessons. No more keeping up with books that get torn or dog eared, and DVD's that can get lost or scratched.

Each lesson is supported with detailed written explanations, music charts, chord charts, TAB's and color pictures.

Simply log in to your personal account, anytime (24/7), even if it's 2:00am in the morning, grab your guitar and start your lessons.


Video Lessons

Over 100 Video Guitar Lessons, ranging from Beginner Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, Lead Guitar and our popular Cool Lick Series. We don't just show you - all lessons are fully explained in detail.



Music Charts

Easy to read charts help you map out songs in a clear cut, simple to understand format.




Every guitar lick and riff is written out in Tablature (TAB) form, and explained in the videos



Chord Diagrams

All chords are illustrated with diagrams and fingering instructions




Each lesson includes in-depth written explanations that compliment the videos


E Chord Strumming

Lesson Goals:

♦ Learn the right hand down stroke technique
♦ Learn the right hand up stroke technique

♦ Become familiar with the music staff and notation

♦ Learn alternating down and up stroke pattern

Now that we know how to form the E chord we can begin working on learning strumming techniques.

Start by practicing down strokes as illustrated to the right. For now just work on getting smooth strokes with all 6 strings ringing clearly.

Do this slowly and keep a steady tempo to begin with and then you can gradually speed up.

Next we will work on up strokes. Again, we are not too concerned with speed at this stage. Just play them slow and at a steady tempo until you feel comfortable with the movement.

Now we can put this all together! In the following example we will practice alternating between down strokes and up strokes.



Color Pictures

Clearly demonstrating how to form chords and patterns




Jam Tips

Extra bits of helpful information relating to each lesson

Jam Tip!

We will talk a lot about visualization as a way of learning guitar fast. Take a moment and visualize the pattern of the E chord fingering so that you can recall it without looking at the diagram. I promise you will see this chord and chord pattern many times in the future!


Unlimited Email Support

You are never alone as a Full Access Member. We are always here to answer questions and explain techniques

Need Help?

Got a Question?

Lesson Help


Unlimited Course Updates

This one is really important! Because this course is online, as a Full Access Premier Member your membership never expires, and you will have unlimited access to all the course updates, improvements and new Cool Licks, automatically! 

Caution: Many online courses are delivered as a download and cannot be changed, updated or improved. Similarly, home study DVD and book courses cannot be updated as well, without re-ordering the course.

At Adult Guitar Lessons, we are continually adding new lessons and Cool Licks, making improvements, and updating - and you get them all every time you log in!




Most Comprehensive I have Seen...

Hey Keith, This is the most comprehensive and informative set of instructions I have ever seen and it is helping me greatly. I am actually a performing musician "one man band" and have been playing for over 30 years. I am mostly self taught and have been stuck in a rut for years...I am really enjoying the lessons.

Harry C., San Diego



Helpful and Easy to Follow...

Hi Keith & Staff.
I want to let you know how helpful and easy to follow your lessons have been. I am 50 years old and always wanted to learn guitar. I never thought I could learn the basics so fast. I have my own business here in Australia and work long hours, even so I spend a least 45 minutes each evening practising using your tutorials.The way they are presented is first class.I know I still have a way to go but I know I will get there. So thank you for making a life long aim come to fruition. I would have no hesitation in recommending Adult Guitar Lessons to anyone wanting to learn guitar.

Regards, Joe A.
Melbourne, Australia.



Far Superior...

Hi Keith.
Thanks for your words of reassurance. Adult Guitar Lessons have well and truly exceeded my expectations.You are an excellent forum for learning to play guitar. The tutorials, licks and the email responses have been extremely helpful. From a beginners point of view your site is far superior to any other sites I had previously searched.

Gerry M.
Utica, New York



Four Separate Easy Guitar Learning Modules


Your path to finally becoming an accomplished guitar player is mapped out for you in step-by-step learning modules. Every lesson, technique and Cool Lick is accompanied by detailed videos that take all the guess work out of it for you. Starting from the beginning at day one, all the way through to learning the skills you need to become a lead guitarist!


Beginner Guitar Lessons - Start from scratch, even if you've never picked up a guitar before!

Intermediate Guitar Lessons - Take your guitar playing to the next level with more in-depth techniques and concepts

Lead Guitar 101 - A full "nuts & bolts" course on the mechanics of playing lead guitar and how to apply it to your solos

Cool Lick Series - An ever growing selection of licks and riffs to make your leads soar! Complete with videos and TAB's



Learn to Play Guitar... By Actually Playing Songs!


No need to get hung up on music "theory" and abstract concepts. You will learn how to play guitar... by really playing guitar! You'll be amazed at how quickly you will be playing songs from "our generation" by artists and bands like...

• Eric Clapton

• The Romantics

• Van Halen

• Wild Cherry

• Paul Simon


• The Beatles

• Loggins & Messina

• The Kinks

• The Blues Brothers

• Georgia Satellites 

• Lynyrd Skynyrd

• The Animals

• Joe cocker

• Chuck Berry

• Dwight Yoakam

• Johnny Cash

• Pink Floyd

• Marshall Tucker


...and Much More!



Discover How To Easily Master These Guitar Techniques...


Think learning guitar is hard or complicated? Think again! In just a very short amount of time you will not only understand the "why" - but you'll also fully understand "how" to master the following concepts and techniques on the guitar:



• Major Open Chords

• Alternate Strum Patterns

• Chord Variations

• Naming Notes on the Neck

• Barre Chords

• Pull-Off's

• Blues Rhythm Riffs

• Rock & Blues Scale Patterns

• Minor Open Chords

• Palm Muting

• Octaves

• Locating Notes Quickly

• Chord Roots

• Hammer-On's

• 12 Bar Blues Progressons

I, IV, V Chord Progressions


• 7th Chords

• Single Note Picking

• C-A-G-E-D Theory

• Chord Patterns 

• Scale Roots

• Slides

• Major Scale Patterns

• Double Note Slides

• Basic Strumming

• Alternate Bass Notes

• Naming Open Notes

• Scale Patterns

• Southern Rock Chords

• Triplets

• Pentatonic Minor Scales

• String Bending

...and Much, Much More!


Thanks A Million...

Hi Keith
I have been a life time member now after getting the free lessons. I just have to say I am really enjoying the lessons. I have taken lessons before, but with yours, you are always there for me to go back to if I need the help. Your style really is making it a lot easier to learn how to play guitar. I have a few friends who play and I am now able to join in on some of their jam sessions.

This is great.
Thanks a miilion.
Walter M. Garden City Beach, SC



Teaching Methods are Awesome...

Well, I have to tell you.  Your teaching methods are awesome.  As well as your website.  I just started learning one of the pentatonic scales...I really cannot thank you enough for your getting right back to me. This alone makes me a solid fan of yours. I look forward to learning more from you. Take care.

T. Lititz, PA



Act Now To Receive These Super Bonuses


Super Bonus #1 - One-on-One Guitar Coaching

The next best thing to having your own private guitar instructor! Stuck on a lesson, or have questions? Need more explanation on a guitar concept or technique? Your Full Access Premier Membership entitles you to unlimited email consultations whenever you need it.  You won't ever feel like you're out there "floating" around on your own!  



Super Bonus #2 - 10 Steps to Successful Songwriting

Don't know a verse from a chorus, a bridge from a hook? This handy guide will give you all the insight you need to get your songs off the ground. Whether you want to write songs for you own personal pleasure, or if you have loftier goals of writing for the commercial market. These 10 important steps will get your songs going in the right direction


Super Bonus #3 - 15 Things You Have To Know About Playing In A Band

If you have ever considered getting on stage and making music with a group of other musicians, this is a must read. Even if you are just starting out on guitar, as you progress, you will probably start thinking about joining a band. Whether you want to play gigs in local venues, play with your church group or praise team, or hit the road in search of a label deal - you will need to know these 15 things before you hit the first note!


Try It Risk-Free Today!


I want to take this offer one step further.

I'm going to give you a 100% RISK-FREE, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

You can't lose! Consider this...

There is absolutely NO RISK with your Full Access Premier Membership to Adult Guitar Lessons.

Please pay attention to this part:

Join Adult Guitar Lessons today, follow the lessons, practice your guitar - and if you are not playing songs in the first 30 days, if you don't think this is the best lesson program available, if you're not 100% thrilled with your decision - simply send us an email within 60 days of joining for a complete refund of your investment. No questions asked!

What's more, keep Super Bonus #2 and Super Bonus #3 as gifts from me for taking action and making the effort to finally start learning how to play the guitar. It's a GUARANTEED GAIN no matter what you decide.

It will only be a loss if you don't grab this opportunity today.



I Never Believed The Offer...

Thank you, Keith.  I am so impressed with your personal response to my concerns.  I really can't believe you responded with such obvious concern. Honestly, when I signed up for your lessons, I never believed the offer we could email you with questions and have a personal response.  I just figured, if the videos give me some help-great. Thank you very much.

Renea   Effingham, IL



Down To Earth...

Hello Keith..Just wanted to say that I am enjoying your site and the way you teach your lessons. I have been on various sites and even have life time memberships on one, and yours is the only one I have complimented. That is due to the fact that the way you explain things is very down to earth...if anyone decides to use your instructional videos on your site they do not need to feel intimidated. Keep up the good work of making it easy too learn.

Kirk   Lakeland, FL



How Much Is All Of This Worth?


Private guitar lessons typically range from $25 to $30 per lesson. If you paid a private instructor for the over 100 lessons you get with AdultGuitarLessons.com you could easily spend over $2,500!

Home Study DVD and Book courses often cost as much as $150 to $200 and above. Plus you have to keep up with course materials that can be lost or scratched. And, they cannot be updated without re-ordering.

Many online courses charge monthly subscription fees of $10 to $20 making the cost of just one years worth of lessons as much as $120 to $240 or more!

Keeping all of that in mind, would this course be worth?...


$149.95...No Way

$99.95...Not even close!

With AdultGuitarLessons.com your Full Access Premier Membership, which includes all the Beginner Guitar Lessons, Intermediate Guitar Lessons, Lead Guitar 101 Lessons, our popular "Cool Lick Series", PLUS, Unlimited Course Updates, AND, Unlimited Email Coaching - for a small, one time investment of only $47 ! (Special Introductory Limited Offer) Your Membership Never Expires!



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Where Will You Be 30 Days From Now?


Wouldn't you love to be able to pull out your guitar and finally be able to sit down and play songs for your family and friends? Wouldn't you love to be able to put your fingers on the fretboard and finally prove you can play that challenging chord progression, scale or lead riff that has always been "just beyond" your reach?

Picture yourself in 30 days from now (or less!), being able to play songs on the guitar by The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Loggins & Messina, and more!

One thing's for sure though. If you don't take action today, if you don't decide to finally do something about it now - then 30 days from now you may be no closer to learning how to play guitar than you are today. 



But Wait...There's Just One Small Catch...


...to this incredible offer. It's a small matter and very reasonable, but may affect your decision. You see, this course is not for everyone. If you are afraid to put forth some effort, not a lot, but a little time every day, or each week - you will not see progress on the guitar. I am giving you all the keys to playing guitar quickly and easily with a minimal amount of effort, but there will be some effort required on your part. Most people understand this, but I don't want to mislead you into thinking that simply purchasing a Full Access Membership will make you an accomplished guitar player. It won't happen without the other half of the equation - you!


Let's Start Playing Guitar Today!



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4. AdultGuitarLessons was developed by a professional touring guitarist with over 30 years of stage, studio, songwriting and instructional experience.

5. AdultGuitarLessons is available in an online, multi-media format with powerful, detail packed videos, full written explanations, accompanied by chord diagrams, music charts, TABs, color pictures, Jam Tips, Lesson Goals and Summaries. Easy to follow and understand!

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This special introductory offer of $47 (one time investment) for a Full Access Premier Membership is only available to new members and prices may increase without notice, so be sure to Act today!

Remember - Your Membership Never Expires!

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Adult Guitar Lessons is available online only - no need to wait for shipping...Start your guitar lessons today!

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